61Chi graduated from a graduate school majoring in design. In 2007, she published her first Doujinshi illustration book and has so far published more than a dozen books at her expense.

In 2014, her first comic work ROOM with Dala Publishing Company marked the beginning of her career as a professional comic artist. 61Chi still illustrates and makes graphic design on regular basis, bringing the aesthetic touches of the art and design into her works of comics and illustration. Having immersed in computer graphing for years, 61Chi is now trying to return to comics creation featuring exclusive hand-painted materials.




Life is all about entering or leaving from “boxes”: putting your belongings into a box, taking them out; entering the elevator, exitting; shuttling between residence and office; or changing carriage from one to another. In the end we will lie in a box as well and vanish gradually.


Small Town, Southern Time:
Zuoying & Český Krumlov

Born in the southern Taiwan, 61Chi gradually lost her precious childhood memories after she moved to Taipei at 18 for studies and work. Ten years later, when residing at a small town of Český Krumlov in the southern Czech Republic, she found them back, piece by piece, moment by moment. "Please stroll in my landscape," says 61Chi.

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