Crystal KUNG

Crystal Kung was born in Xi'an in 1994 and grew up in Taipei. Now she is studying at CalArts Character Animation Program, and also working as a comic artists and illustrator.

Crystal had her first Wacom drawing board at the age of 16 and embarked on the journey of digital creation ever since. She mostly taught herself how to paint. Crystal's work leans toward western style, which makes her stand out among fellow artists in Taiwan, who follow Japanese and Korean style as a mainstream.

Crystal Kung is still exploring her own style and trying to establish distinctive characteristics. She is currently a student and illustration artist and also working on comics creation.




The Little Drifter

The little drifter wanders among various cities, making his appearance in the valley of swirling colorful flags, in a misty ancient city, in the middle of a big city of various kinds of people, in a settlement with a mysterious lake in the mountains, in a metropolis in the rain with skyscrapers, and in a city full of old alleys and bars. He is like a star, guiding the direction for all travelers who get lost. This book is a self-projection of the author Crystal KUNG, who believes home is where your heart is.


Crystal Kung Art ZINE & NOTE

This book presents the background of the young animater and comic artist Crystal KUNG as she was growing up, her struggle with nationality identity, and her wandering and creation process. ZINE is a comprehensive record of her creation space and drawing techniques as well as a collection of the best selected artworks of hers.

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