Chen Uen

In 1984 The China Times Magazine published Leopard Warriors, Chen Uen launching his career as a comic artist. After that work earned rave reviews, he went on to publish The God of War and the Legends of Assassins, which was based on the Record of the Grand Historian and employed ink-wash painting techniques.

His illustrations combine Chinese ink-wash painting techniques and western painting techniques. Meticulously crafted and brashly exuberant, these works are full of the free and exuberant spirit of the Chinese martial arts knights-errant of lore. In 1990, at the invitation of the prestigious Japanese manga publishing house Kodansha, he published Heroes Tales of Eastern Zhou Dynasty, which was based on Chinese history and caused a sensation upon its release. In recognition of that work, in 1991 he became the first non-Japanese to win an award from the Japan Manga Artists’ Association. The Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun has described him as an “extraordinary, preternatural talent,” and he has become known in the Japanese manga community as a “treasure of Asia.”



Heroes of the East Chou Dynasty
Qin Shihuang: The First Emperor
A Bi Sword: Book I : Searching
A Bi Sword: Book II : Awakening
Legends of Assassins
Magical Super Asia

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