Evan Huang

Distinguished graphic artist and healthcare industry executive Evan Huang was born in 1966 in Chaiyi, Taiwan. During his childhood, Mr. Huang’s artistic talent was encouraged by his father, president of the well-known company Heqi Medical Supplies. As a teenager, Huang joined the Manyou (“Friends of Manga”) club, getting to know fellow members Hongyao Chen, Alice Chang, and Zhengde Lin, all of whom went on to become celebrated manga artists.

In his twenties, Huang created and copyrighted the popular cartoon character Blue Rex(雷克小子), headed to Japan for further study, and in 1995 graduated from Tokyo Designer Gakuin College. Upon returning to Taiwan, he took over his father’s role at Heqi, and in 2003 published his first manga series, It’s Just Rex(就是雷克). His new graphic novel, Shanghai Junior(上海大少爺), was completed in 2018 after more than a decade of work.


Shanghai Junior

Chiyou's depiction of Mazu as a both fashionable and composed beauty, who returned from a goddess to her youthful days as a fairy, has attracted much attention of young readers. Chiyou based his work on the spot observation of the Mazu temple celebrations in Taiwan with the important element of Mazu worshipping cleverly woven into the pictures.

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