Richard Metson

Having been working on comics for more than 30 years, Richard Metson who was born in 1964, has published numerous artworks and dozens of books. He is not only a popular comic artist but has also taken a very active role on the fields of animation film, motion picture, computer game, and fashion. He was the judge of "Taiwan Golden Horse Movie Award" as well as "Taiwan National Art & Literature Foundation".

Since the work of Genius Superman and Naughty boy, Metson has created a unique way of "Metson's humor". He has been called the "comic genius" because of his great variety of drawing style and strong sense of humanity. He also got the nickname of "Uncle Metson" from his cheerful, easygoing personality and the remarkable white hair.

Metson having been established in short animation film since 1991, in 1998 took part in the production of Taiwan-made animation film - Grandma and her Ghosts. This highly praised film won the popularity in several international film festivals throughout Vancouver in Canada, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia in US. The success of Grandma and her Ghost has surely become the milestone for the development of Taiwanese local animation film industries.


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