Richard Metson

Having been working on comics for more than 30 years, Richard Metson who was born in 1964, has published numerous artworks and dozens of books. Since the work of Wizard and Brat (天才超人頑皮鬼), Metson has created a unique way of "Metson's humor". He has been called the "comic genius" because of his great variety of drawing style and strong sense of humanity. He also got the nickname of "Uncle Metson" from his cheerful, easygoing personality and the remarkable white hair.

Richard Metson is not only a popular comic artist but has also taken a very active role on the fields of animation film, motion picture, computer game, and fashion. He having been established in short animation film since 1991, in 1998 took part in the production of Taiwan-made animation film - Grandma and her Ghosts (魔法阿媽). This highly praised film won the popularity in several international film festivals throughout Vancouver in Canada, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia in US. The success of Grandma and her Ghosts has surely become the milestone for the development of Taiwanese local animation film industries, also making Metson become the judge of "Taiwan Golden Horse Movie Award" as well as "Taiwan National Art & Literature Foundation".

Now, he is working on 3D animation film Iron Boy (鐵男孩).


Sex-files of Chinese Swordsmen

Learn the secrets of the masters: moves that kill without a fight! Moves that will also greatly satisfy your concubine! It’s Kung Fu Sex! Awesome moves such as “Riding the Dragon”, “ Climb up and Slide Down”, and the explosive “The Column that Lift the Skies” will bring new life to your sex and sharpen your kung fu all the same time!

Modern Sex-files

After a tour of the ancient martial arts world, we now arrive in the modern age. An unlucky gigolo keeps encountering clients with the strangest habits. One wants hot sauce with her fellatio. Another sings children’s songs when she’s doing it. How does he cope with all this? A nerd buys a sex robot and thinks it’s the beginning of his happily ever after. Then he’s shocked to find that the robot doesn’t seem to have an off switch…

A martial arts heroine is out saving the world—but everything depends on how long one can last in bed? Richard Metson’s endless imagination serves up story after story satirizing sex, both heart-pounding and hilarious!

“Sex-files of Chinese Swordsmen” Postcard Book

32 positions of Kung Fu Sex, funny and creative. A box set includes one postcard book and a note.

Wizard and Brat

Set in a future world of physical and mental superpowers, Wizard and Brat is the first full-length graphic novel by Richard Metson. A young superman has precognitive dreaming, a demon-summoning experiment goes wrong, and a fantastic schoolyard battle for the fate of humanity begins. A wildly imaginative tale, Wizard and Brat rolls action, science fiction, fantasy, romance and plenty of humor into one entertaining series.

The Black Book

This comic book contains 10 short stories with an atmosphere both strange and with black humor. The author, Richard Metson, with his outstanding highcontrast black and white painting skill to tribute to the American comic genius: Frank Miller (Sin City).

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