Sean CHUANG has 20 years of experience as an advertising director, directing more than 400 works. He was awarded the Times Awards and the Times Asia-Pacific Award multiple times. As a well-known Taiwanese advertisement director, his works span China, Singapore and Japan. In 1997 he published Film Maker’s Notes(廣告人手記) recording work and life which was a hot seller with 18 reprints, becoming a classic and required reading in the industry and related school departments. In 2010, he finished his second work The Window(窗), Taiwan’s first graphic novel, and in 2011 a Spanish translation was published. In 2013 and 2015, ‘80s Diary in Taiwan vol.1-2(80年代事件簿) were published, recording the life and culture of Taiwan in the 1980s, and have been translated into French, German and Italian. Still active in advertising circles, Director Sean CHUANG continues to shoot videos and draw comics.



Etudes For Papa

Fatherhood is one of the quintessential human experiences. Sean CHUANG used to wonder, what goes through a father’s mind in the first years? What challenges and hardships does he face? Then CHUANG found himself raising a child of his own, and these questions were being answered. In the middle of the chaos, he began reliving his own childhood, and his thoughts turned to his own father. Perhaps it is the eternal sameness of experiences like fatherhood that connect us across the generations. A rookie dad is just like a child. CHUANG hopes this record of those first years with his son will be helpful to the reader who is father to a young child, or soon to be, and that any reader will find in it something of interest and value.

Film Maker's Note

This book records the flourishing of advertising industry of Taiwan in the 1990s and reveals one film maker’s real, pure feelings of the era. It’s about those days of lofty goals, senseless chatting, and far- reaching significance before the age of 30, experiencing the first time going abroad, the first time shooting a music video, and a movie dream. As well as the mutual memory we shared in those years...


‘80s Dairy Taiwan vol.1

With his unique writing style and point of view, Sean Chuang captures many warm recollections of that bygone era. Perhaps some are a little embarrassing and some the cause of a few regrets, but even more express poignant feelings or relief. Through these 12 life stories, let us pay respect to our youths.

‘80s Dairy Taiwan vol.2

‘80s Diary in Taiwan vol.2 is Sean Chuang’s third book in compilation of 12 stories, where he continues to tell stories with images. As a continuation of the first installment in the sophisticated narrative and prose style, the book records the splendid times in 1980s, a period of time very important to him and to those people who lived in Taiwan. He sorts out things that belong to this generation that shares common lives and cultural memories.

The Window

The Window is the story created by Sean Chuang, a commercial film director and comic artist from Taiwan. It took him ten years to finish this work, which he pays his homage to Bande Dessines and European scenery. It's a story without dialogue, a comic with the rhythm of poem.

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