Sean Chuang has 20 years of experience as an advertising director, directing more than 400 works. He was awarded the Times Awards and the Times Asia-Pacific Award multiple times. As a well-known Taiwanese advertisement director, his works span China, Singapore and Japan. In 1997 he published Film Maker’s Notes recording work and life which was a hot seller with 18 reprints, becoming a classic and required reading in the industry and related school departments. In 2010, he finished his second work The Window, Taiwan’s first graphic novel, earning the Government Information Office’s Best Graphic Novel Award, and in 2011 a Spanish translation was published.

Still active in advertising circles, Director Sean Chuang continues to shoot videos and draw comics. In 2013 Film Maker’s Notes (2014 Edition) and ‘80s Diary in Taiwan vol.1 were published, recording the life and culture of Taiwan in the 1980s and 1990s, as well as the joys and the sorrows of advertisers. ‘80s Diary in Taiwan vol. 2 is scheduled to be published in 2015.



‘80s Dairy Taiwan vol.1


‘80s Dairy Taiwan vol.2
The Window

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